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B&M Joinery

Project type

Web Design


October 2023

When B&M Joinery approached NKR Creative, they were in search of a digital platform that could mirror the quality and craftsmanship they bring to their joinery services. We took on the challenge with enthusiasm, aiming to create a website that not only showcased their extensive range of services—from bespoke staircases to handcrafted furniture—but also reflected their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The result is a visually stunning and user-friendly website that serves as a digital extension of B&M Joinery's brand ethos. With a focus on clean design and intuitive navigation, the site allows visitors to easily explore the company's offerings, view their portfolio, and get in touch for custom solutions. The website also incorporates a blog section, poised for future content that will offer valuable insights into the world of bespoke joinery. Just as B&M Joinery prides itself on "exceptional craftsmanship," we at NKR Creative are proud to have delivered a website that stands up to that promise.

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